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too - for percussion septet

“too” is an exploration of duality. It is a reflection of how seemingly opposite parts of oneself can exist at the same time, and also exist separately. In each section, this process can be expressed and felt with ease, or with a certain amount of tension because of the common assumption that an individual must exist in a single pathway within the norms of society--whether it be one’s role as a woman, as a musician, as a parent, etc. This piece is intended to challenge this idea by asserting that whoever you are, whatever you are--you can achieve all that you yearn for, too.


too was premiered by the Central Washington University Percussion Ensemble on Februrary 24th 2022.


Purchase includes parts, full score, and set up map. 



  • Player 1 - Vibraphone 3.5, Concert Snare 
  • Player 2 - Vibraphone 3.5, Concert Snare
  • Player 3 - Vibraphone 4.0, Low Tom
  • Player 4 - Marimba 4.3, Concert Snare
  • Player 5 - Marimba 4.3, Low Tom
  • Player 6 - Marimba 5.0
  • Player 7 - Drumset (4 piece) 

too - for percussion septet

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