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(a)hold - for solo marimba

(a)hold is a nostalgic marimba work that is based off of a graphic poem that I wrote during lockdown. I had moved away from my home state of Washington to Southern California for a short time, to continue pursuing my dreams that I had been planning in a grand five year plan, to give myself a challenge of solo travelling, and be closer to a handful of dear friends. The poem and solo explores the idea of holding on to something, whether it be an idea, purpose, or person, and how attachment can be filled with hope, vulnerability, and love--yet also be a force that prevents one from growing, or keeps one in a space that may not be healthy for them.


(a)hold was premiered by Chaiya D. Odle on October 18th 2021 at Central Washington Univsersity.


Purchase includes sheet music and poem.



Marimba (5.0 Octave)

(a)hold - for solo marimba

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